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Can a teacher film his class during a lesson?


A primary school pupil returned from school very excited: "Mum, I've been on TV!" 


Surprised, the mother asked questions, but cannot learn much more. Having no recollection of having been asked to give her consent for the class being filmed for television, so she called the teacher.


The teacher explained that it was not a TV crew that had been in the classroom, but since the beginning of the year she had decided to film all her classes. Outraged, the mother was prepared to cause a scandal. 


The teacher explained that it was for a purely educational initiative and said that the videos were published on the secure school intranet.. However, she agreed to stop the experiment until she could obtain the consent of all the parents of the pupils in her class.


It doesn't matter what these educational films were used for , they cannot occur without the express consent of all the concerned parents. Denial from one parent meant that a child should not be filmed (off camera), or that the registration should not take place if this was not possible.

timbre signification


A picture is personal data or even sensitive personal data depending on the context. Even if the recording is considered an adequate and a necessary educational measure, the legal consent of the legal caregiver (or adult student) is necessary for its implementation. If needed the pictures could be blurred. They would be distributed on a secure intranet and never on an online platform.

Basic principles

LPD 4, 7, 13, 18a; LIPAD 38

Legality, proportionality, transparency of the collection


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