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Does transparency apply to the Information Systems?


 A new application for processing personal data of the population had been developed.       


The computer department indicated that this application was now available and that the State department may request access.


As part of the declaration of this file to the catalogue file, the controller of the data file requested that the information services management do not give a complete list of referenced fields fearing that they would receive requests for the all the fields.


The full list of referenced fields must be declared respecting the principle of transparency.


When a request for access to specific fields is entered, the institution must check with the requesting service if this access is necessary for the execution of the tasks that the law provides.

timbre signification


All the categories and sub-categories of a data file must appear in the declaration file, to enable citizens to understand the type of data processed by a file, and to ask which  processed data concerns them.

Basic principles

LIPAD 24ss, 38 al. 3 and 43

Principle of administration transparency


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