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How do I install a GPS in vehicles?


A company wants to equip the vehicles that are used by their technicians strictly for professional purposes with a geolocation system.


The technicians monitored and strained by this control.


The Managing Director asked the information systems manager to study the technical measures in order to avoid the continuous real-time monitoring of the technicians movements.


A system was installed to verify the time and place of arrival and departure of vehicles at the end of the day.


The installation of a GPS in commercial vehicles is possible if it knows the schedules of  the employees and the execution of the pre-set tasks (respect of working hours, client visits, etc.). It cannot monitor the behaviour of the employees.

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The objective must be clear, and the most adequate and less intrusive means to achieve this must be chosen. These measures  must be subject to adequate communication. The employer should inform and consult the employees or their representatives and, if possible, obtain their consent before introducing the automated systems for the collection and processing of their personal data.

Basic principles

CO 328, 328b; DPA 13, 14 and 17; FoIA 6; FoIO 3

The legality principles, good faith and proportionality (the measures must be adequate, necessary and the least intrusive possible); The principle of transparency of the data collection: the purpose of the collection must be recognizable; protection of workers

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