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How to stop receiving mail from a company?


An employee is invaded by mail (postal or electronic) from a company other than his own.


He no longer wishes to receive these letters.


He doesn’t know who to contact and calls a federal commissioner.


He learns that he must contact the company to clear his data. To do this, he can use the sample letter which is available on the FDPIC website.


The company in question will remove him from its list. Failing this, a civil procedure can be introduced.

timbre signification


Addressed advertising cannot be sent without the consent of the data subject.

Basic principles

LPD 4, 12, 13 and 15 ; CC 28 à 28l ; LCD 3 and 23

Protection of privacy, legality, good faith, the right to oppose processing. Spam is a criminal offence under the law of unfair competition.


The sale of addresses, debt collection, etc....

Attached is the link for the type of letter requesting information from an advertising sender.

http://www.edoeb.admin.ch/dokumentation/00503/00595/index.html?lang=fr à

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