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Am I allowed to watch the video surveillance footage?


A transport company has set up a surveillance system. Two people in the company are responsible for viewing the footage when required.


A trainee, working in this company for a few weeks, was instructed by his superior to watch a particular video recorded that day.


The trainee asks one of the two people responsible for the viewing of the footage to give him access to view the video so that he could carry out the instructions he received.


The employee in charge refused to provide this access. He contacted the trainee's superior and explained the procedure for viewing the videos.


A trainee or any other employee cannot have access to data which is not required as part of his duties and for which he has no access authorisation.

timbre signification


The employer must develop a policy regarding the processing of personal data (processing regulations) and define who has access to the data and the extent of these rights. In particular, the viewing of video surveillance must must be strictly limited to authorised persons.

Basic principles

CP 143, 179novies and 321ter ; CO 328 and 328b

Principle of data security (management of access rights, confidentiality)

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