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What's happens when I leave my job?


An employee has worked for several years in an enterprise.


Reaching the retirement age, he leaves his job.


He realizes that his employer has a lot of data on him, especially in his personal file. He does not wish for this data to be kept.


He asked his employer to destroy his personal file. The employer informs him that this is not possible.


Information from a personnel file is kept for 10 years. However, by warning his employer in time, the employee can raise awareness and ensure that the data is erased later on.

timbre signification


The employer must regularly examine the accuracy and relevance of the stored data and delete or archive the data that are is no longer needed, subject to the legal obligations for storage.

Basic principles

Proportionality, data accuracy, the right to erase data that are is no longer needed and whose retention is not compulsory by law


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