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What information should I keep in the personal file of an employee?


During the annual assessment interviews, an employee complained consistently about a colleague using an appendix sheet.


The Human Resources Department (HRD) placed the evaluation document in the employees file, but each time removed the appendix sheet.


The employee requested a transfer to another service. During the interview that took place with regards to this subject, the HRD had no record of these complaints that justified the employees request for a transfer.


If the employee had copies of his comments, the HRD could have taken them into consideration. Otherwise, they cannot give credence to the employee.


The employees comments during an evaluation are part of the relevant information that the HRD must keep in the employees file.

timbre signification


An employee has the right to have access to his file, which must be complete. Access to the personal files must be defined and kept up to date.

Basic principles

LIPAD 37 al. 1 and  2 ; LPD 4, 5, 7, 8, 14, 15, 18a and 25 ; OLPD 8ss

Principles of good faith, transparency, accuracy and security data; the right to access and to rectify


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