ThinkData is an interactive service for the awareness of data protection and transparency in the organisational context.

Born from a study carried out by an interdisciplinary work group as part of an ideas laboratory on science and innovation services (ThinkServices http://www.thinkservices.ch/) ThinkData allows one to be familiar with the concepts of data protection and transparency through short stories, situations involving employees, managers, HR managers and information systems.

Until now this platform was managed and developped successiveley by thinkservices, then the Federal employee in charge of the data protection and of transparency. Since July 2016, it was taken over by the CLUSIS, Swiss association of data safety,  by Isabelle Dubois, member of the comitee and former employee in Geneva for the data protection and transparency.

The issues addressed include for example biometrics, email management, geolocation, CCTV, data theft, etc.. Under each scenario are the Basic Principles that apply, the recommendations, as well as real examples and various resources that illustrate these cases.

The thinkdata team brings to the users’ attention the game created by the RTS, which is in the same spirit of awareness, https://www.datak.ch/.




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